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Large Bluetooth speakers: Wireless sound without compromise

Bluetooth is a highly dependable, stable and low-energy wireless standard. Today’s Bluetooth also offers incredible sound quality. It’s no wonder then, that this wireless technology is more popular than ever. Nearly every laptop, smartphone, notebook and tablet offers Bluetooth. This means that just about every portable device you own can be used to send audio to a Teufel Bluetooth speaker.

Due to big gains in sound quality in recent years, what was once primarily a wireless technology for telephony has become a very popular medium for playing back music. In addition to small portable systems, many audio manufacturers offer larger Bluetooth speakers for more powerful portable sound. Big Bluetooth speakers come in handy for parties or larger outdoor events. It’s never been easier to provide the neighborhood block party or local picnic with proper sound. Not only are Bluetooth speakers easier to transport and set up than traditional sound systems, they make it possible for multiple people to contribute to the music selection. Anyone with some tunes on a smartphone or a music app can be the DJ.

Practical speakers that offer incredible sound quality

Generally speaking, the larger the system, the better the sound and the more comprehensive the features will be. This is true for big Bluetooth speakers as well. They offer a bigger, fuller sound and more features. Teufel Audio’s ROCKSTER, for instance is a powerful portable Bluetooth speaker capable of filling a large areas with clear, high levels. An integrated DJ mixer makes it possible to integrate audio from two Bluetooth source devices for creating collaborative playlists and mixes. The ROCKSTER also includes inputs for electric guitars and even has a karaoke function.

The BOOMSTER and BOOMSTER XL are Bluetooth powerhouses from Teufel Audio with integrated batteries, USB charging ports for smartphones and handy on-device controls. As their names suggest the BOOMSTER and BOOMSTER XL can really blast out the sound for serious parties anywhere. At the beach, in the park or on the top of the mountain, the BOOMSTER won’t let you down in terms of sound quality, volume or battery life.
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