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Zalety satelit z subwooferami aktywnymi

Małe satelity z łatwą integracją i potężnym dźwiękiem, dzięki subwooferowi.

Teufel has been developing and producing high-quality subwoofer/satellite combinations for decades now. We are one of the first manufacturers in Europe to create space-saving loudspeaker solutions that don’t compromise when it comes to producing powerful, true-to-source playback with movies, music, and gaming.

Subwoofer/satellite combinations are not only incredibly compact and easy to integrate into any room, they often surpass even full-sized floorstanding loudspeakers when it comes to replicating their frequency range.

Teufel Audio’s satellite/subwoofer combinations are comprised of five, six or seven compact satellite loudspeakers (or slender columns) for the front and rear channels plus one or even two high-performance active subwoofers. This sort of system is usually controlled by an A/V receiver with a loudspeaker setup program that determines which frequency ranges are channeled to the front and surround loudspeakers and which go to the subwoofer.

The crossover frequency at which the lower frequencies are passed from the satellites to the subwoofer is usually between 80 and 150 Hz. Teufel’s selection of satellites are so comprised that they automatically commence operating at their optimal frequency range regardless of the setup setting chosen on the A/ V receiver. A crossover with a 12 dB slope together with a sealed enclosure ensures a gentle and linear lowering of levels (depending on the model) beginning at 80, 100, 120 or 150 Hz. This gentle transitioning of the frequency from one speaker to another is important for the creation of a pleasant, homogenous sound.

It should be noted that most A/V receivers on the market today come equipped with a small microphone which is used to provide the system with the information it needs to make all automatic adjustments.

Satellite speakers + subwoofer: A perfect team

Large speakers will give a good bass response because only a large speaker with a correspondingly large bass driver can produce the very low end of music and soundtracks. The combination of satellite speakers plus subwoofer makes it possible to use speakers small enough to be placed on a shelf or even wall mounted while still enjoying a mega bass kick. This is produced by a separate sub that can be placed anywhere in the room. Because very low tones are difficult for the human ear to localize, it will not be obvious that the system is using different speakers for different parts of the frequency range. As long as the crossover is set so that the subwoofer does not take on any of the midrange, a satellite/subwoofer combo should produce a very good, immersive sound.

The frequency range of the subwoofer and satellites overlap at only very low levels. Together, they add up to the same level as the other frequencies produced independently by a single speaker for very even levels and a homogenous sound.

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