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Columa - slim in shape, powerful in sound

Since chunky, boxy TV sets have been replaced by flat-screens, which can be integrated into the living room inconspicuously, there has in turn been a greater demand for appropriate home cinema speaker systems. And of course, the speakers should retain an extremely good level of sound despite the appearance. With the Columa product line Teufel has impressively balanced this demand for excellent sound performance and sleek aesthetic. The Columa series includes a range of 5.1 loudspeaker systems in column form.

Columa products available from Teufel

Currently, the Columa 300 is available as 2nd generation and in various versions, as a 5.1 system with 2 or 4 column loudspeakers + central box and subwoofer or also with only 5 mini speakers.

If you want to hear bigger sound from your speakers, in spaces up to 30m², with the best Teufel home cinema sound, and need a little more freedom in the configuration of your speaker set, we would recommend the Columa 300. The Columa 300 series, with its column speakers, provides first-class home cinema sound that is supported by a powerful subwoofer. Due to the high-quality processing and elegant aluminium encasing, the system delivers crystal-clear sound in every room. Best of all: you arrange your set as you like:
  • Set S with 4 short satellites for discreet installation on the wall + central box + subwoofer
  • Set M with 2 short satellites and two long columns + central box + subwoofer
  • Set L with 4 stylish stand-alone speakers + central box + subwoofer
You can even configure these sets with the 300 series into a 7.1 sound-system with a similarly wide range of feature options.

The usual Teufel quality in processing and performance for all who are still fresh in the home cinema universe. No matter which version you choose, our Teufel loudspeaker sets are designed to deliver the most discreet sound at incredibly low prices!

It is also possible to connect the rear columns wirelessly via the rear station and use the Columa 300 as a wireless system.

Previous Columa products from Teufel

The Columa column loudspeakers were developed from the Concept S and Concept R models to keep the focus of the Concept series more on PC speakers. There have also been Columas 100 and 200, the predecessors of the 300 model.

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