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Theater 500

Modernised enclosure & refined acoustics retain the classic look and hi-fi sound of the original
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For the second time, Teufel revamped its classic stereo tower speaker, the T 500. Changes include a subtle redesign and even better sound.
Zalety na jeden rzut oka
  • Modernised enclosure & refined acoustics retain the classic look and hi-fi sound of the original
  • 2 x 6.5-cm woofer with Kevlar membranes, 1 x 6.5 inch midrange drivers with Kevlar wok membrane, 1 x 1 inch neodymium tweeter
  • New cabinet damping design: Integrated absorption chamber counters standing waves inside the enclosure without effecting the bass reflex port
  • The even baffle and recessed tweeter minimize differences in propagation times
  • Downfiring bass reflex port located between the cabinet and base plate
  • Fabric grilles can be easily removed thanks to magnetic mounts
  • Downfiring bass reflex system enables placement near walls
  • Suitable for amplifiers with at least 50 watts per channel in rooms up to 50 m², bi-wiring possible
The Theater 500 was designed for highly transparent playback, making it the perfect companion for movie sound, gaming and music. Unlike systems engineered to quickly impress and just as quickly fatigue the ears, the Theater 500 produces no unnaturally elevated bass, no sharp and shrill treble. The following features elevate the Theater 500 above standard stereo speakers:
Teufel Heimkino-Lautsprecher Theater 500 Berlin

Time Alignment
A system for correcting time alignment enables a better, more precise positioning of vocals and instruments within the stereo panorama.

Constant Directivity Concept
A newly designed waveguide and phase plug ensure broad and even sound dispersion.

Damping chamber
A sound-damping chamber specially designed according to the Helmholtz Resonance principle ensures a clean sound. This effectively eliminates the formation of standing waves and unwanted resonances within the enclosure.

Downfiring bass reflex system
A bass reflex system prevents unwanted chuffing noise. Cleverly positioned on the bottom of the speaker enclosures, it makes it possible to position the speakers anywhere in the room without altering their sound.

3-way system
The Theater 500 uses an authentic 3-way driver system. The amply equipped system employs a total of 2 bass woofers with lightweight but rigid Kevlar membranes to produce deep, resonant bass without an additional subwoofer. The midrange drivers and tweeters delineate voices and instruments with incredible precision, resulting in an almost tangible soundscape.
Advanced Klippel measurements are used to make an already excellent system even better. This technology uses lasers to detect tiny imperfections along the driver membranes, allowing them to be corrected for an improved frequency response.
Theater 500S - T 500 S
Teufel Time Alignment Technology
The Theater 500’s recessed tweeter corrects differences in propagation time for a well-structured sound. Vocals, instruments and sound effects are rendered clearly and with great naturalness. Just like a live event, you’ll be able to distinguish the relative positions of the instruments and vocalists to each other.
Teufel Heimkino-Lautsprecher Theater 500S Membran
Constant Directivity Concept
A newly designed wave guide and phase plug gives the system a broad and even sound dispersion. This makes it possible for everyone in the room to enjoy the same well-blended sound with excellent speech intelligibility and localisation.
Innovative damping chamber
Inside the Theater 500, a specially designed damping chamber employs the concept of Helmholtz Resonance to minimize standing waves within the enclosure. This does away with the need to damp the bass reflex vent, allowing the low end to go deeper and work more efficiently. The result is an especially balance soundstage across all volume levels.
Downward-facing bass reflex system
The Theater 500 uses a downward-facing bass reflex system for anywhere room placement. A special oversized vent prevents the creation of wind noise at high volume levels.
Teufel Heimkino-Lautsprecher Theater 500S Downfiring Bassreflexsystem

Pełna zawartość zestawu

  • Floor Speaker T 500 F 16
Maksymalna wysokość
104,60 cm

Szczegóły techniczne

Tower Speaker T 500 F 16
Tower Speaker T 500 F 16
3-way hi-fi tower speaker
Tower Speaker T 500 F 16
Moc ciągła (IEC - Long Term) 180 Wat
Szczytowa moc znamionowa (IEC - Short Term) 240 Wat
Czułość (2.83 V / 1 m) 88 dB
Rekomendowana minimalna moc wyjściowa amplitunera 50
Maksymalny poziom ciśnienia akustycznego 110 dB/1m
Impedancja 4 - 8 Om
Zakres częstotliwości od/do 39 - 21000 Hz
Częstotliwość podziału zwrotnica 250/1900 Hz
Tweeter (ilość w obudowie)  1
Tweeter (średnica) 25,00 mm
Tweeter (materiał) Fabric
Driver średniotonowy (ilość w obudowie) 1
Driver średniotonowy (średnica) 160,00 mm
Driver średniotonowy (materiał) Kevlar
Woofer (ilość w obudowie) 2
Woofer (średnica) 160,00 mm
Woofer (materiał) Kevlar
Zasada akustyczna 3-way system
Budowa obudowy Bass reflex
Materiał obudowy MDF
Powierzchnia obudowy Laminate/lacquer
Otowory kompensujące 1
Otwory kompensujące (pozycja) Bottom
Zdejmowana pokrywa przednia Tak
Pojemność wewnętrzna netto 51 Litry
Przygotowany pod spikes Tak
Zintegrowany stojak Tak
Zaciski terminala Gold-plated screw terminals
Przystosowany do wtyków bananowych Tak
Bi-Amping/Bi-Wiring Tak
Maksymalna średnica kabla 4,00 mm
Przystosowany do amplitunera Tak
Wejścia głośnikowe High Level 1
Głębokość 29,30 cm
Szerokość 20,00 cm
Wysokość 104,60 cm
Waga 20,43 kg


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Theater 500
Theater 500
3.899,- zł
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